General Information


Brookhaven Estates in an 88.06 acre all-age manufactured housing community located in rural Newaygo County.  Amenities include a clubhouse, outdoor heated swimming pool, basketball court, a playground and access to a recreational fishing lake.

Additional features:

  • Children and pet friendly
  • Natural gas heating (local utility company)
  • City water and city sewers


Brookhaven Estates is conveniently located in the city of Newaygo, Michigan, four minutes (1.2 miles) southeast of downtown Newaygo.  Brookhaven is forty-six minutes (37 miles) north of Muskegon, Michigan and forty-two minutes (34 miles) northeast of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

History of the Newaygo area

(Courtesy City of Newaygo)

The City of Newaygo is the oldest community in Newaygo County. The Penoyer and Brooks families were among the first settlers to the Newaygo area. They founded Newaygo’s first saw mill known as the “Big Red Mill”. The rail service came through Newaygo in 1873, connecting the city with metropolitan Grand Rapids, Chicago, and Detroit. In 1883 a massive fire destroyed Newaygo, leaving only two buildings standing. The late Victorian architectural influence existing today was the focus when rebuilding the city after the tragic fire. The proximity of the Muskegon River was the driving force of Newaygo’s early economy, causing mills, lumbering, and recreation to develop nearby and within. Here in Newaygo it is our goal to capitalize on this heritage and create a city that is appealing for its rich historical values and culture.

Over the last 10 years the City of Newaygo has made many improvements to help the city grow. The downtown area which was once completely dilapidated with empty storefronts, unmaintained buildings and inadequate parking has become a highlight for entrepreneurs. Through federal grant dollars the city was able to renovate the entire downtown. Parking lots are easily accessible, buildings have been given a new face and there are very few vacant storefronts. The downtown district has become the Principal Shopping District (PSD) for the Newaygo Community. The intent of the PSD is to create and retain a vibrant, attractive and cohesive center for the City of Newaygo with a variety of quality places to work, live, shop, learn, recreate, and be entertained. Our goal is to recognize and support the Principal Shopping District as the centerpiece of the greater Newaygo community. Make sure to take the time to walk downtown and meet your neighborhood business owners.

Newaygo Public Schools

(Courtesy Newaygo Public Schools)

The Newaygo Public Schools are located in beautiful Newaygo County in the heart of West Michigan’s four season recreational area.  Newaygo County is located 40 miles east of Muskegon, Michigan and 45 miles north of Grand Rapids, Michigan and is home to 24 lakes, 356 miles of rivers and streams and over 100,000 acres of national forest.

The district’s student enrollment is 1,685 students who attend excellent maintained facilities.  There are two elementary buildings, a middle school and a high school.  The district employs 90 professionals and 50 support staff to accommodate the student body.